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Remodels and Small Projects


Lakeside 1 Resort

This first Lakeside resort was built with hardwood floors, cabinets, and headboards. With its wheelchair-accessible ramp, this resort is friendly and comfortable for anyone looking to have a vacation by the lake.

Lakeside 2 Resort

This second Lakeside resort was built spaciously next to the first one. It has a wheelchair-accessible ramp and very spacious rooms. The coloring is almost as eye captivating as the view off of the porch. 

Remodel Jobs

Lanny's House

Before the remodel, this house wasn't inhabitable. The wood was rotted, it reeked of mold, and everything was falling apart. After we remodeled, added new wood, replaced the siding, a new porch, this home was turned into a perfect lakeside family-friendly home. 

Sander's House

A smaller house was actually built within this home. After we demolished the smaller house within, we renovated the walls and floors. We even added a huge garage to the house. We built a big open kitchen with a big island perfectly in the center and a food pantry built into the wall. 

Eldon's House

This was a remodel project taking out the old tile, adding hardwood floors, repainting the walls, new cabinets in the kitchen, brand new windows and doors, a completely new back porch, and brand new siding. 

John's Cabin

A simple remodel job done right. We added wood paneling to the wall and floor while leaving enough space to have to add a metal offset around the room. A new wooden deck with a metal railing was added to this home, giving it a modern wood cabin design.

Clem's House

This house was a remodel plus a room addition. The kitchen, hallway, and laundry room were remodeled. We made sure that the room addition matched the existing house completely. 

Room Additions

Highlandville Shop

Need more space to work? We can help. We added simple extra space to this workshop while matching the coloring of metal roofing. 

Room Addition #1

Do you want an extra room to entertain guests? How about a room where you can watch the sunset through big open windows? We can do that. We added this spacious room to a home. We installed the big windows while even matching the siding, so the new room addition looked natural on the house. 

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